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Washi Tape on Walls

Can you put washi tape on walls? Generally yes, but it is highly recommended that you use the Japanese kind as they are more well made. They tend to be more consistent with stickiness while the Chinese kind can peel off on it's own after some time (not all but it's hard to know). It's recommended that you also test a small area first for stickiness and also for removal - to make sure your walls type of pain will hold up. You should always remove it slowly with care and not to yank it out - as I have done that once and it is sticky enough to yank paint out. So again, just remove it slowly.

With the new line of MT called MT Casa, the manufacturer made it for that specific market - to decorate your house, to use it on walls. They are wider rolls  at 50mx10m. 

This picture shows using washi tape to tape pictures on the wall, but others have used them to decorate their walls!

Website: Traveling Mama
The moveable wall - since washi tape is repositionable, you can pretty much place your picture any way you want and then change it up when you want! Below she had used cute washi tape to make a message on the wall! So cute!!