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cu·te·ta·pe is a cute and fun stationery arts and craft space featuring the best selection of Japanese Washi Masking Tape, Korean + Japanese Stationery items and some must have crafty cuteness such as wooden stamp sets etc - just browse around and have fun!

How it all started...

What you are looking at is how it all started...basically a website. It wasn't the products in it, it was a design. I'm actually a designer and I love design. I love to look at great design and at times when not working on client projects, I like to come up with my own stuff, since honestly client work can be a bit restricting...ok sometimes, it can be really restricting.

I just enjoy creating something just for myself. Once I had a design, I didn't exactly have anything to sell. The site changed and evolved day to day of course and at one point I research about organic stuff and while researching, somehow stumbled upon Japanese Washi Tape and a whole world of cutely designed stationery.

The thing is, there were no planning, not much thoughts - I just started doing this and here we are. It fits into what I love - great design, colors, pattern, anything creative. I love meeting creative people through this and has been a pleasure...with the exception of shipping =P


What's in the name...

It's not Cute Tape. What? No, it's not. But..but... Ok, so it's got cute, it's got tape, but this is not Cute Tape. It's pronounce like koo-teh-tah-pee. koo - like coool, teh-like in tether, tah - like ta-da!!, pee - as in p =). So when I started playing around with the name and logo. I wanted something different and I didn't want it to just be about cute tape, but it is a main focus of course. So I somehow ended up with the pronunciation of it and if you hear my little one say it...you'll think it's cute too. I'd have to put up the recording of it soon so you can hear it. This is the shorter version of the story =P


About...who me?

arrghh...that's hard, so I'll make it a list of randomly thought up whatever and add to it whenever:

I love corn on the cob, but not the super sweet kind.

I love mangos, lychees, pineapples, persimmons, most tropical fruit - the real thing, not canned.

It's hard for me to come up with a favorite color

I lack sleep, I love sleep

I'm freaked out by caterpillars...I mean I WILL run and cry.

I recycle

I try to buy organic whenever possible, except cheese since it's too expensive and I don't eat it anyway.

My favorite food that I would eat everyday if I can is Korean Galbi and Japanese food. I love Masago Rolls, California Rolls, Spider Rolls, Eel stuff ... Tokyo Lobby use to be my favorite.

I have multiple roles: daughter, wife, mommy, mommy again, friend, design director, etc...

Move one pixel over

I kind of enjoy cooking, but I hate cleaning up after. So I try not to cook.

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