$4.5 Flat Rate within US for orders over $35


Where are items shipped from?

Orders are shipped from Texas and only available within contiguous US states

I need info on shipping and delivery.

Since that covers a lot of info, here is the dedicated page just for shipping info. .

Do you offer free shipping?

Due to the high rate of shipping cost, as a small business, free shipping is not available but there is flat rate shipping once you reach $35 of subtotal.

I’m in one of the contiguous US states, but am unable to checkout:

If you are in a contiguous US state and are unable to use direct checkout, feel free to use the contact form to request custom checkout. 

Can I request customization for tags and label?

Yes, you are welcome to make the request for customization if it's out of the ordinary from what is listed. I will let you know if it's possible for the customization depending on how information fits into the design.

Use the contact form to make the custom request.

Items in my cart disappeared / cart empty

This will depend on different variables. If you clear your browser cache, the shopping cart will clear. Unless you are logged in and put items in the cart, then your items should be in the cart for the device you are using. If you go to another device, your items may not appear in your account.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can use Credit Card through shopify, PayPal, GooglePay, or ApplePay. Your CC # with exception of last 4 digits is never seen. It goes through payment processing with these big trusted companies.

Do I need an account to make a purchase?

No, you do not need an account to checkout. You can actually checkout as a guest. Just fill in your email and shipping info on the checkout page to checkout as a guest. 

Checkout with an account just lets you have a place to view past orders. Logged into an account while browsing and adding items in the cart also makes it easier as the items will remain in the cart for that same device.

Why are some washi tape different sizes? What is it in Yard, Feet or Inches?

Washi tape started off mostly as 15mmx15m in length but as time went on, companies started to make them in shorter length. This helped for shipping cost and also for people wanting more variety vs one design with longer length. Different width of washi tape also became available as some were 7mm, 5mm, and as thin as 3mm.

Majority will now be 15mmx10m or 7mm - below is the conversion:
15mm = 0.590551 inch

Length: 10meter = 10.94 yards = 32.81 feet = 393.70 inches
Length 7m = 7.66 yards  22.97 feet = 275.59 inches

Some especially when labeled as "mini" will be 5m Conversion:
Length 5m = 5.5 yards = 16.40 feet = 196.85 inches

Washi Tape Width conversion:
Width = 15mm = 9.591
Width 10mm = 0.394 inch
Width 7mm = 0.28 inch
Width 6mm = 0.236 inch
Width 5mm = 0.197 inch
Width 4mm = 0.12 inch
Width 3mm = 0.118 inch