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Chugoku Washi Tape - Black Music Notes

Chugoku Washi Tape - Black Music Notes
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Chinese rendition of washi tape (Chugoku = Chinese) black music notes. This paper tape is recommended for gift wrapping, card making, packaging, general decorative use, but I would not recommend it for things that need archival quality unless you can test it. While in my opinion, Japanese Washi Tape are higher quality, people have expressed interest in these for the pattern/colors that might not be available in the ones made in Japan. There are also US companies coming out with them. So I will have it here under a different section than Japanese Washi Tape unless I can confirm that they are made in Japan. This will also provide a reference for some who want the high quality vs standard quality.15mmx10mMade in China*For decorative use only. This is not a toy.**For high quality Japanese Washi Tape, check here it's that section and subsection underneath it in the left navigation.