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Red Bakers Twine Red and White Baker’s Twine 2mm 100 yards / 300 feet

red and white bakers twine red twines for Packaging & Gift Wrapping
red bakers twine red & white Twines for Packaging
red bakes twine red and white stripe
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A red and white bakers twine with stripes. This red baker’s twine is great for wedding decoration, invitations, gift wrapping, crafts projects, wedding favors, and product packaging. Use it for hang tags and favor tags!

***These are recommended for crafting and packaging use and NOT suitable for cooking use.

100 yards per spool  (300 feet)

2mm Wound on cardboard tube.

10-ply (5 strands red and 5 strands white)

Cotton Blend (90% cotton, 10% polyester) - This was confirmed with manufacturer that most will sell it as full cotton but it has 10% blend of polyester. 

made in China

The twine spool as a whole is about 1 7/8 in diameter and 3 3/4 in height.

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