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For Influencers/Creatives

Are you a blogger, social media influencer, or a creative and would like to partner with cutetape? 

There are few ways to partner and you can specify what you are interested in. 

1. You would like some products to produce videos tutorials, blog tutorials, or social media post that you will post and cutetape can post.

2. You would like products or shop credit to host a giveway on your blog, youtube channel, or social media channels.

3. You would like products for review on your website, youtube or social media channels.

4. You are a photographer and just would like products to stage a creative shot for social media which you and cutetape can use.

5. Become a cutetape design team member: You are a creative but don't do tutorials nor blogs. You would like products to create a final creative piece (such as journal page, artwork, packaging idea, staged photo, or video etc) for cutetape to feature on cutetape blog and social media post.

Makes sure to include the following information:
Link to your social media channels, blog, or your creative work.
Where you are located in terms of country.
What do you like about cutetape?
Why do you think you would be a good fit.

Selection will be based on how your channels or your creative projects fit with cutetape. Not everyone can be selected, but if you don't get selected right away, it doesn't mean your channels are not a good fit and never selected again. There's always a chance you can be selected later. There may just be another that has a better fit at a certain time. For better chances, you should have a least have some good following OR your creative projects are really good. Sense of good photography usual can capture good first impression, and second, and third =)

Responses will only be made to those chosen to pursue further.

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